Android on an iPhone? Samsung’s ‘Try Galaxy’ is Now Available to Experience the Foldable in iOS

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With Samsung’s “Try Galaxy” initiative, consumers will have a new method to interact with Android: using their iPhones to run the Android operating system. To enjoy this experience, visit the website that directs users to an app. Samsung has developed a virtual port that allows users to experience the Galaxy foldable Android experience directly on their iOS smartphone.

The debate surrounding Android vs. iOS is far from finished, as a recent research severely disparaged the open-source operating system created by Google, labelling it outdated.

It will ask customers to download the application and set it up on their home screens so they can experiment with both Samsung’s well-known Galaxy foldable smartphone and this Android environment. According to the publication, the Try Galaxy app has been downloaded more than seven million times since 2022. The current version of the software updates it to a foldable user interface.

Use the iPhone to experience the Samsung Galaxy Foldable.

Visitors to this website will be taken to a landing page including a QR code that they can scan to be taken to a webpage that explains how to add it to their home screen.

This is just another example of Samsung’s masterful marketing strategy to introduce Android and its foldable interface to consumers in the hopes that it will encourage them to convert to a Galaxy smartphone.

Furthermore, consumers may experience Samsung’s user interface by using the “Try Galaxy” experience, which eliminates the need to purchase something from the firm and return it if it doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Comparing Android vs iOS, which is better?

People are still debating whether iOS or Android is a better smartphone operating system; the debate over which is the best is still very much ongoing. According to a recent survey, the majority of teenagers believe that Android smartphones are only appropriate for older people due to their antiquated technology when compared to Apple’s iOS.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, countered that Android is “now better” than iOS in response to a recent Threads poll in which renowned tech expert MBKHD requested a “hot take” on technology.

On the other hand, the majority of those who replied to a prior study who switched from Android to iOS said that Apple’s technology was more secure than Google’s open-source operating system.

While many users contend that Android is more inventive than iOS, others assert that Apple’s iPhone operating system has all the newest technology and features a user could possibly want. Nevertheless, consumers may choose for themselves which is superior by utilizing Samsung’s “Try Galaxy” experience, which makes use of its foldable smartphone OS.

Presenting the Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 Galaxy devices.

Users may learn from useful lessons and explore the applications and widgets as if they were on the home screen of a Galaxy phone after downloading the “Try Galaxy” app. Additionally, they may try out additional cutting-edge and distinctive features offered by Samsung Galaxy. The updated app specifically showcases the following important characteristics of the Galaxy Z Flip5, Z Fold5, and One UI 5.1.1:

Experience FlexCam: Users may experiment with the FlexCam feature on the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5. With the app, users may discover how these folding gadgets reveal new possibilities by taking striking pictures from a range of imaginative perspectives. The Galaxy Z Flip5 boasts the largest cover screen in the Z Flip series and allows for quick and simple selfie checks.

Immersive Screen and Effortless Multitasking: By joining two smartphones, users may replicate the strong, big-screen experience of the Galaxy Z Fold5. Users may see immersive full-screen video material through video demos. By the use of the stepped forward drag and drop capabilities, which allow for easy multitasking while shifting material throughout shows, they may also enjoy tremendous productivity.

Connected Ecosystem: When coupled with a Galaxy Watch, customers can get Samsung Health’s frame composition facts, in addition to a number of other fascinating functions. Quick Share lets in customers to proportion facts among nearby and distant gadgets. One IU five.1.1, that’s clean, serves as an exhibit for the whole thing.


Since its launch in 2022, the “Try Galaxy” app has been downloaded over seven million times. “Try Galaxy” now supports 20 languages, along with Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Latin American Spanish, and Russian, that allows you to attract extra non-Galaxy customers globally.A brief scan of the QR code will download the program.


Samsung’s ‘Try Galaxy’ introduces an interesting go-platform experience, bringing Android functionalities to iOS gadgets. This revolutionary initiative exemplifies Samsung’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries. As the virtual panorama evolves, ‘Try Galaxy’ stands as a testimony to the opportunities of seamless integration, offering users a glimpse into the destiny of the mobile era.

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