Blogger Outreach: 5 Ways To Improve Your Content Visibility 

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Relationships are really powerful. 

Who you know matters more than what you know in today’s digital world. Every brand’s holy grail is finding a means to reach the right people. Blogger outreach is an excellent strategy for reaching a new audience with your brand’s message.

Everybody says they can make great, authoritative content. But it won’t help them reach and engage consumers unless they have a solid outreach plan.  

5 strategies to boost content discovery and brand awareness 

It is advisable to investigate the approach best applicable to your niche before launching an outreach effort. Choose blogger outreach services that help you attain your company goals from the five listed below. 

1. Building links 

The foundation of any off-site SEO plan for a firm has always been link development. Because they are the foundation of the Pagerank algorithm, backlink factors are at the top of Google’s ranking factors list. Therefore, if you want to increase your visibility online, link building is a great outreach approach to employ. 

Research from Ahrefs backs up the idea that backlinks contribute to organic traffic.  

On the other hand, not every backlink will propel you to the top of your search engine results. Consider the credibility and usefulness of the linked websites carefully. 


More weight is given to links from authoritative websites in your niche. This one is an example of a popular aesthetic blog or beauty publication that may connect to a beauty blogger’s site. 


Imagine you need an expert in search marketing for your company. Two possible consultants, A and B, are at your disposal. Backlinks from reputable sources, such as Search Engine Land and Entrepreneur, tend to favor Consultant A over Consultant B. Do you have a preference? It is certain that consultant A. Both your search engine rankings and the confidence of your target audience might benefit from backlinks from authoritative websites. 

2. Writing for someone person’s blog 

If you want to turn your company website into an inbound marketing powerhouse, guest writing is the way to go. According to the data, 63 percent of readers find blogs with more than one author more trustworthy. 

Having social proof for what you write is a bonus. By publishing your work, a prominent website is effectively endorsing it. Doing so can boost your site’s authority, attract targeted visitors, increase your number of relevant backlinks, and produce more leads. To avoid spending a cent but still reach your target demographic, consider contributing to influential journals in your niche. 

3. Collaborations with content owners 

The most effective blogger outreach initiatives aim to create a mutually beneficial connection between the influencer and the blogger. Your brand’s and the influencer’s exposure may be enhanced via the development of significant collaborations and content co-creation. Additionally, the influencer will enthusiastically promote your business and content since they stand to benefit from this partnership. 

4. Direct email marketing 

The goal of email outreach is to promote your content or services, build relationships with influential individuals, or get links from them. However, how can one avoid seeming to be a spammer when sending an outreach email? 

And let’s not forget about the marketing professional’s worst nightmare: the cold shoulder. There is a near-total disregard for about 92% of outreach emails. As a result, it’s smart to send a relationship-building outreach email that serves both your purpose and your goal. 

5. Determine which influences are most relevant 

Blogger outreach is a simple way to identify influential people. Search engines like Google are great places to start. Search for bloggers whose websites rank highly in terms of domain authority. 

Learning how to use Google’s search operators effectively will help you get the most out of Google’s search results. Beyond Google, you can expand your influencer list with tools like Klout and Buzzsumo. 

You may also reach out to bloggers through LinkedIn and Twitter. You may also find prospective influencers’ social media followings and easily search for relevant hashtags. 

Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers recommends aiming for influencers with thousands of followers, if not tens of thousands. 

A methodical approach to identifying your influencers is shown below: 

  • Get up and running: It’s a fantastic tool for finding influential people in your field. Whether you sign up for the trial period for free or pay for only one month, it will still be valuable. Once you’ve identified your influencers, you can utilize this fantastic tool to add them to a private Sendible list. 
  • Activate BuzzSumo’s alert system: A flood of articles will arrive in your inbox every day once you configure notifications on BuzzSumo for the top keywords associated with your brand. Then, you may see which authors are discussing pertinent or related subjects by monitoring the shared material. 
  • Make a list using the search operators on Google: The pre-qualification of your influencers is a significant perk of using Google. They must be authoritative if they are doing well in Google’s rankings. Once you’ve found them, add them to your list and follow them on Feedly. 

A basic spreadsheet including the necessary information might serve as your blogger outreach list. Excellent list headers include their email, domain authority, social authority, Facebook page, Twitter handle, and blog.  

In the end! 

Getting in touch with bloggers is all about numbers. Your response rate will be directly proportional to the number of high-quality influencers you approach. Getting in touch with influential bloggers is a sure approach to steer your business and image on the right path. 

According to Stephanie McCratic, founder and CEO of Acorn: The Influence business and a contributor to Forbes, genuine content produced by respected influencers may increase brand or business exposure regardless of age. With more people hearing about you, more people will visit your website; when they do, make sure they know what to do. 

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