pex Legends Update Leads to Unexpected Player Progress Loss

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In online gaming, even small updates can cause big problems. Apex Legends players recently faced issues due to an Apex update that erased player progress. The article covers this problem, the response from the developer, and the rectification steps.

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What happened with the latest Apex Update?

The new Apex update has unexpectedly erased player progress, with no discernable pattern as to what is being deleted. Everything from cosmetics and progression to Badges and Heirlooms appears to be at risk from this elusive bug, and there is currently no known method to prevent it.

Respawn, however, is cognizant of the issue and has confirmed that they are exploring the situation. They will keep players informed when a solution has been identified. In the meantime, players are advised to stay alert and hope that this malicious bug does not affect their game.

Respawn has expressed gratitude towards players for their understanding and patience as they navigate the data outage and recovery process. As a token of appreciation and to alleviate the inconvenience, Respawn is offering everyone 8 Apex Packs. To claim these, simply log in before April 24 at 10 am PT.

Respawn Entertainment is compensating for recent account issues, missing cosmetics, and lost battle pass progress by distributing free Apex Legends cosmetic packs. These issues initiated at the beginning of the month, following the April Fools’ Apex Legends update, and have now been successfully resolved.

Players can claim eight free Apex Packs by logging in any time between now and April 24. Each pack of Apex Legends update provides the opportunity to acquire cosmetics of various rarities and Heirloom Shards, which can be utilized to enhance Mythic items such as Prestige Skins and Heirlooms. Please note, you only need to login once to receive the compensation packs and can open them at your convenience once claimed.

In other news, Season 20 is currently in progress and will continue until the official start of Season 21 on May 7. The forthcoming season will present Solo and Quad modes in addition to a new legend named Alter. If you’re interested in cheap Apex coins, you can find a trusted platform to get!


In summary, despite the unexpected setbacks brought by this small Apex update, Respawn Entertainment demonstrates its commitment to the player base by quickly resolving this issue and providing compensation. This event of new Apex update clearly reminds people of the unpredictability of online games and the importance of regular player feedback in maintaining a smooth gaming experience. As we look forward to new developments in the upcoming 21st season, players can rest assured that Rebirth is committed to continuously improving the gaming experience of Apex Legends.

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