Who Is Duke Dennis? Everything You Need To Know

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Duke Dennis is an American YouTuber, gamer, and social media star who was born on February 26, 1994. His most popular YouTube channel, “Duke Dennis Gaming,” is where he posts videos of himself playing video games. In addition, he subscribes to the joint YouTube channel AMP. Duke Dennis Gaming, Duke Dennis, and DukeDennis LIVE are the three YouTube channels that Dennis owns.

Who Is Duke Dennis?

Born and raised in the United States, Georgia and Alabama are home to Duke Dennis. He rose to fame in 2017 because of videos he uploaded on his YouTube channel about the basketball video game NBA 2K19. One of his early movies on NBA 2K was titled “Angry Trash Talker,” and it was the first one he uploaded. He uploads basketball or NBA 2K sports simulation videos to his YouTube channel, Duke Dennis Gaming, most of the time.

For what is Duke Dennis well-known? Duke Dennis’s YouTube gaming material has made him well-known. The NBA 2K17 video game was his first widely shared basketball game. Millions of people saw the video on his YouTube account. Duke’s networks and notoriety have continued to expand daily since then.

About Duke Dennis

Duke spent almost two years playing football in high school. A couple institutions around his hometown offered him scholarships because he was quite skilled at it. Nevertheless, he made the decision to forfeit them because he had no interest in playing football in college.

Duke is a person of African American descent. At 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters), he is rather tall, with a well-built, muscular frame, and a weight of between 70 to 75 kg. The YouTuber likes body art as well. On his social media platforms, he proudly showcases his several permanent tattoos and grills.

Individual Life

Duke Dennis likes to keep his personal life private, despite being quite transparent about his business life. Still, we were able to learn a little bit about his height, age, and marital status.

Height and Age

Duke Dennis will be 29 years old in 2024. Considering the typical guy in America is just 5 feet 4 inches tall, he is quite tall. In addition to giving him an edge on the basketball court, his height also add to his charismatic personality.

Duke’s physical condition is also noteworthy. His athletic frame is a clear indication that he follows a regular exercise routine. His commitment to fitness is evidence of his discipline and commitment, qualities that have surely helped him succeed.


Before becoming a social media star or a YouTuber, Duke was in the US Army. He enjoyed playing sports and video games as a youngster, and he enjoyed playing them with his pals. He was especially fond of basketball as a sport. Although he founded his YouTube channel Duke Dennis in 2013, Duke Dennis didn’t start uploading videos until October of 2016.

He still creates most of his stuff for NBA 2K, and he has done so for the longest time. Duke is regarded as one of the industry leaders in the creation of NBA 2K content, being one of the most well-known video providers on YouTube.

Duke Dennis’s Career in Gaming

His career as a streamer began in 2013 when he began posting videos on the basketball simulation computer game NBA 2K to his YouTube account. This was the first step toward creating a YouTube channel.

Duke’s favourite game of all time is the NBA, which he likes to play. As a result, he has another YouTube channel called Duke Dennis Gaming that is only focused on NBA broadcasts and has almost 1.8 million subscribers.

Career in military service

Duke was a member of the US Army and served in the army division. After declining offers to play football in college, he enrolled as soon as he graduated from high school. Rather, he teamed with a buddy who was also seeking for a route out of their harsh neighbourhood after their intentions to attend college fell through. He was stationed in Germany following basic training, where his primary duties were managerial. He did, however, assert that he and his cousin were a part of a fight event.

Duke has disclosed that he struggled to get used to life in the military right away. He claimed in a YouTube video that he dislikes having commands given to him and finds it difficult to follow the strict military schedule. He tried to leave basic training after arrival, but his mother urged him to stay until the very end.

After being stationed in Germany, Duke made another effort to resign from the army. He even thought about doing something unlawful, like smoking marijuana, to be ejected at one point. But following a conversation with his sergeant, he completed his four-year assignment and left the army in 2017.

Becoming a YouTuber:

In 2013, right before he was about to enlist in the army, Duke signed up for YouTube. He didn’t, however, publish any regular work until 2017, right before he left. He began by sharing videos of himself playing basketball simulations, which quickly gained a lot of popularity.

His early videos include “Angry Trash Talker,” in which he plays online NBA 2K17 one-on-one with an irate opponent, and “Best Jump Shot in NBA 2K17.” The films gained thousands of views after becoming viral, which raised his channel to fame.

Duke has continuously shared videos and live streams of himself playing different video games ever since he started posting them. Furthermore, he occasionally shares anecdotes about his life experiences, such as his time spent in the army. Additionally, he works with other YouTubers, which has really benefited his channel.

Duke has dedicated his entire attention to his YouTube account since quitting the service. As a result, his channel currently has 1.78 million subscribers and continues to expand. With over 200,000 views apiece, his most recent videos have gained some notoriety.

History of dating

Since Dennis hasn’t provided any revealing information about potential girlfriends or made any comments about dating anybody, it is assumed that he is single. He has, meanwhile, often kept his dating life under wraps. He made reference to visiting someone before reporting for basic military training in one of his videos. But once his training was over, he only found out that his girlfriend had cheated on him.

Earnings and net worth

Duke’s earnings and net worth are not available to the general public. But since his YouTube channel is his main source of revenue, it’s easy to assess. He receives between $10,000 and $40,000 annually from YouTube ad views. Additionally, he can be making more money from other endeavours like brand advertising or goods sales. His total net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $300,000.


In the end, Duke Dennis emerges as a multifaceted individual with a tale worth exploring. Our journey via the whole lot you need to recognize approximately Duke Dennis sheds light on his historical past, achievements, and the particular qualities that make contributions to his prominence. Whether you’re a fan or a newcomer, information Duke Dennis offers a fascinating glimpse into the lifestyles of this captivating personality.

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