Why to Use NAS Drives for Small Business

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Businesses need to run efficiently in order to maximize performance. In order to do so, it means having reliable tools on hand. When it comes to data storage, any lags or drop offs can wind up having catastrophic results.

This is why using network-attached storage (NAS) drives is the best solution. There are plenty of crucial benefits that are part of having a NAS drive for your business. Before long, you will see quickly why any small business should be using one of these reliable devices.

Increased Storage Space

When it comes to computer memory, there can seemingly never be enough. Given the amount of files and applications that we are capable of running these days, it is imperative to have a storage device that can keep up with that growing demand. Thankfully, NAS drives have improved storage capability over your traditional hard drives.

NAS drives come with as many as five hard drives combined into one case. While server racks provide potentially unlimited space, they are also quite expensive and can be difficult to store and maintain. For small businesses, that would be a waste of time, space, and resources. Using NAS drives means being able to store far more without having to take up space or burn through your budget.

Private Cloud Storage

The cloud is thought to be the future of data storage. The problem there is that you are keeping all of your sensitive data on a drive that is shared by thousands, if not millions, of users. Should there be a network outage of any kind, you could be without your data for an extended period of time. That’s just not doable as a small business.

For that reason, NAS drives are great for private cloud storage. You can still allow multiple users to access the data within without having to physically connect but aren’t at the whim of a cloud storage company. Moreover, there is a far lesser chance of a data breach that could compromise your essential data. Nas devices allow for optimal cloud storage without the possibility of unwanted snooping.

Automatic Backups

There is nothing worse than experiencing a loss of data only to find that you don’t have a recent backup to refer to. Even a day’s loss of data can wind up having catastrophic consequences for small businesses. Thankfully, NAS drives frequently back up the data within, so you won’t have to worry about whether you have a reliable backup ready to go.

NAS drives also have redundancies to protect against data loss. Since NAS drives have anywhere from 2-5 hard drives, losing one won’t compromise the data within. The other drives will pick up the slack and give you the time needed to replace the bad disc. All of that means that your data remains safely stored on your drives at all times.

Great Collaboration

More and more small businesses are understanding the importance and flexibility of using home offices and flexible office setups. That means a need to remain connected to one another at all times and from any location. Thankfully, NAS drives can meet that need flawlessly.

Even though it is a small, physical drive, you don’t have to connect your computer in order to establish a connection. Multiple users can be given access to the drive, allowing them to access those files from virtually anywhere at any time. Small businesses value the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of remote setups, so having NAS drives available makes it far easier to share and transfer data with fewer hiccups and other potential issues.

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